StakeItEasy is a reliable staking validator for your crypto!

Why choose us

High-speed servers

High-performance servers, broadband channels and advanced network topology allow us to show 99.9% uptime and generate blocks really fast. Our operating systems have a clear update schedule, and are always on the latest security patching.

Backup servers

We have backup servers to proceed update procedures without impact to validating and earning money for you.


We are ready to answer any questions from our customers 24/7. We are reachable across different channels, including e-mail or Telegram.


Security is very important for us. We ask external auditors to test the security to make our system more secure and stable.

Nodes that help us to earn money for you


Solana is the fastest blockchain in the world and the fastest growing ecosystem in crypto, with thousands of projects spanning DeFi, NFTs, Web3 and more


Velas is a Swiss headquartered technology company led by a diverse team of engineers, cryptographers, researchers, mathematicians and results-driven business leaders.


Everscale is a new and unique blockchain design that proposes a scalable decentralized world computer, paired with a distributed operating system — Ever OS.

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